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    I’ve added support for quite a bit of games and I’d like to add many more.

    I’m however not much of an artist, I (re)created the occasional icon, but the maps are mostly from the games themselves or the community.

    So if we want a new game supported, we need 2 things most of all:

    1. Map images, can be any image format or size. Send/link them to me in the best quality you can find, do not try to convert/resize them. Also give me a list of map names if it’s not the same as the file names. And if it’s available the map dimensions, the size the map represents in game for example 800m x 1200m.
    2. A set of icons applicable to the game, any format or size will do. If you icons to change color, their primary color should be white. If required I can (re)create some of them from a screenshot. You can also look through the other games, maybe what we need already exists.

    If we have those 2, I can add it rather quickly.

    Anyway I’d love to hear your suggestions.



    Hi Kalith,

    can you support a game called Eternal Crusade?

    I have most maps available and could make some icons i guess if needed.



    Definately, that looks like a good fit.

    If you can help me out with maps and icons, then that would be great.

    To create the maps, just search for maps in the highest quality you can find. Usually it’s a good idea to annotate them with spawn points/cap points/objectives, but I’ll leave it up to you. Convert/keep them in png format preferably as it’s lossless. Don’t worry about file size, I’ll end up scaling/converting them to something that makes sense.

    For icons, same story really just find/create a set in whatever format you want, in the highest quality you can find, i usually create them in 500x500px, but it can can be any format. I’ll take care of scaling them down a bit to create the map icons/ui thumbnails, that part is pretty much automated. If you want the icons to change color like you see in most of the other games, then they should contain primary white with a black outline. You can also draw from the icons from other games that are already in ( or use them as an example.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.




    you are a Champion man! Thats really cool.

    I have most of the map screen shots in 1920 x 1200 res and some in 4K res. I guess 4k res is best or does it matter?

    As for the icons I will have to work on those eternal crusade specific icons.



    Hi Kalith,

    I have prepared the files required. Please check your gmail account as I have emailed you the link to locate the files.

    Many thanks





    can you add support for Project Reality?

    I have icons, 4k maps and minimaps ready for you but have some questions:

    • How would you like the files? Uploaded or sent to you? If uploaded, do you know a good site for that?
    • This game gets updated every now and then? I guess I can just send you new files if I want the maps and icons updated?

    Thanks in advance




    Hi Alex

    How would you like the files? Uploaded or sent to you? If uploaded, do you know a good site for that?

    Either works, you can mail them to as an attachment if they’re not too large. Otherwise you can upload them with dropbox, onedrive, google drive or imgur and send me the link.

    This game gets updated every now and then? I guess I can just send you new files if I want the maps and icons updated?

    I think that’s the easiest.


    Alexander Cipresso

    Can you support Clash Of Clans? I have all the icons ready.

    I went ahead and sent you an email, but one thing I forgot to mention is I’d like to be able to edit the size of the icons on the tactic page in case any of the uploaded maps (bases) are a different size. Any way to do this?



    Why not, looks like fun.

    You can select the size of the icons by either specifying the size. Or after you’ve placed them by selecting them with the select tool and dragging one of the corners.


    Alexander Cipresso

    Thank you, much appreciated. Have already begun showing clan mates the site. With the icons added, will definitely help a lot! Excited to use it!


    Schrotti Ger

    Hey Kalith,

    I have send you an e-mail to add Steel Ocean. I have all Maps (nameofmap.jpg/png) but no icons.
    Can you do that too ?




    Hi schrottiger,

    I can add steel oceans. Do you have a link to the maps or can you upload them somewhere ? As for the icons, I can make them, but can you provide me with a list of which icons are required. Maybe a screenshot from the minimap.


    Schrotti Ger

    Hey Kalith – thanks for it.
    I see thatb the maps was compressed with .umap
    I starting dl all maps in the Game I hope they reach the minimum on size to have a HD view if not, I have PS8 too, to get it.
    Icons will included into the Mail what I will send you on Saturday.
    Thanks for your help and providing that great service.


    Schrotti Ger

    @ Kalith: you have an E-Mail again 🙂 (maps & names)
    BB & SS Icon
    DD & CL/CA Icon
    Carrier is a qube

    Thanks a lot



    Hello Kalith,
    I find the website very very interesting for creating tactics, and seems fairly easy to use,
    Would like the support for the game “Foxhole” on steam, its been out and about for a while and it released very recently, it’s a highly tactical game with a big map and lots of clans/squads, battles being 60vs60 and will be higher in the future.

    Maps not sure if they can be found in great quality but probably can, also Icons and all that on their wiki(not updated).
    Edit. I have some good quality maps I guess, also icons maybe if needed.



    I have sent an email with Maps, and another one with Map icons,
    If you do add Foxhole to, thank you very much and we’ll give it plenty of use 😀




    Sorry for the delay.

    Anyway, I added support for Foxhole and Steel Ocean. I put the wows icons in steel ocean for now, might have another look later.

    Thank you Shrotti and LazP for helping me to gather maps and icons and let me know if anything needs updating.



    Hi Kalith: Thank YOU to give us such great possibillity for our Tactics <3 +1
    (PS: “PT” is my WOT acc atm, but I am the real SchrottiGER :D)


    Andrè H

    Hi Kalith:is it possible to make add Playerunknow battlegrounds or is it just to big?



    It depends I guess on what you want to use it for.

    Just uploading a good quality map 4096×4096 max atm, looks something like this:

    If I can find a tiled, very high res version of the map, I may be able to use that, so if you zoom it will replace the area you are looking at with higher detailed tiles. It would require some programming to make it work, but can certainly be done. What do you think ?


    Mimmo Palladino

    Pedro Mendez

    Hi, I play a strategy game called GREPOLIS. Is a game which you have to build your own city and conquer other players cities. Playing in group (you can play alone but it can be hard and boring)

    It´s a slowly game, for example. It has several world, and they put every time more and more. But we play just one, we had been playing the same world more than 6 months, and the real fight it´s still not here.
    A friend talked me about this wonderfull page. I think it can be really useful to make tactics in this game. The possibility of having a map and be able to design that map according our necesities i think is just perfect.

    I really hope you to have a look into the game and see if you can do something

    Thank you,



    Hi I’m really busy with work atm, so it may take me 2 weeks or so to work on this.


    tomas becher

    Would you be able to add support for Player Unknown’s battlegrounds? It would be quite simple to do I think as theres only one map right now and there are many hi res images of it and it would be useful for players to be able to plan routes and mark drops and strats on the map.



    I probably should look into adding pubg since it’s pretty popular atm. I’ll see if I can do it this weekend, got a little more time now.

    The map is not an issue. Maybe it does make sense though to take the entire map, but also a few cutouts of different zones.

    I’ll have to look for suitable icons, could always use help with that :).

    For now you can also upload the map yourself like:


    anonymous X


    What about Arma 3. Should be here for sure. Do you have resources, I have the game if you need anything.


    M S


    Ist es möglich das du für Arma 2 OA Dayz Epoch Mod die Karte Napf unterstützen kannst?



    I added initial support for PUBG: Let me know what you think. And if you like it, please feel free to promote it a bit in pubg community.


    Phi Bana

    Hi Kalith, at first thanks a lot for ur job, it’s very usefull!
    Secondary, can you add support for Escape From Tarkov? I got 3/4 detailed maps and intels on the 4th.
    Thanks in advance.

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